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1.What areas do you serve in Colorado? 

We provide our non-emergency medical transportation services to all cities across Colorado, including Castle Pines and its surrounding areas. 

2.Are your vehicles equipped to handle wheelchair transportation? 

Absolutely. Our vehicles are equipped with a seven-point wheelchair restraint system and rear ramps for easy and comfortable access. We also have wheelchairs available if needed. 

3.Can you accommodate individuals who need to lie down during transportation? 

A: We offer gurney transportation for passengers who need to be transported in a lying-down position. Our vehicles are designed to provide a comfortable and secure experience. 

4.What if I need assistance with stairs? 

We have a specialized stair chair transportation service available in select markets. Our trained staff will assist you in safely navigating up and down flights of stairs. 

5.How do you ensure the safety and cleanliness of your vehicles? 

Our vehicles undergo daily inspections to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety. We also utilize UV-C lights for chemical-free ultraviolet disinfection to further enhance sanitation. 

6.Are your drivers trained in assisting with transportation? 

Our drivers are qualified and trained to provide valuable assistance with ambulation, mobility, and transfers. They are committed to ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the journey. 

7.Can I use your transportation service for non-medical appointments or errands? 

Absolutely. We look forward to assisting you with various transportation needs, including non-medical appointments, shopping, and other errands. 

8.How do I schedule a ride with your transportation service? 

You can easily schedule a ride by contacting our customer service team or filling out our website form. They will assist you in arranging transportation that suits your specific requirements. 

9.What sets Sama Limo Transportation LLC apart from other transportation providers? 

We take pride in delivering exceptional service and care. Our experienced staff, reliable vehicles, commitment to safety, and personalized approach make us a trusted choice for non-emergency medical transportation. 


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